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About us 

European Consumer Centre Denmark is part of the European Consumer Centres Network, which has offices in all EU member states and in Norway and Iceland. The Network is financed by the European Commission and the national consumer authorities – in Denmark the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority. The Network was established on 1 January 2005.

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We provide guidance to consumers about the rules of the Services Directive

European Consumer Centre Denmark is the contact point for information about the EU’s Services Directive. The Services Directive aims primarily to create a well-functioning single market for services with more competition and a wider range so that firms and consumers can benefit fully from the opportunities offered by the EU services sector.

As a national contact point for the Services Directive, we can provide guidance on the requirements applying when you buy a service from a business in another EU member state, Norway or Iceland. This could be e.g. a flight, car rental, a cultural event, carpenter services or advice from a lawyer or estate agent.

The Services Directive includes a number of provisions aimed at safeguarding your rights as a consumer and preparing you for the single market for services by ensuring a high level of information, improved complaint options and a service quality policy.

Among other things, the Services Directive includes a non-discrimination principle. This means that firms generally have an obligation not to treat consumers differently depending on their place of residence or nationality. For example, they may not charge different prices for car rental to customers from Denmark and Bulgaria. However, there may be objective reasons for treating customers differently, e.g. if a business refuses to sell you a product online because the business is unable to offer transport to your address.

We provide guidance to businesses about the rules of the Danish E-commerce Act

European Consumer Centre Denmark also provides guidance to businesses about the rules of the Danish E-commerce Act. The E-commerce Act lays down specific minimum requirements for online trading. For example, firms must provide general information about themselves and their prices, make sure that advertisements are unambiguous, provide technical details about agreements and send order confirmation.

As a national contact point for the E-commerce Act, European Consumer Centre Denmark provides advice about the rules applying if you want to sell to other EU member states online. We can also refer you to relevant organisations and authorities for further information and practical assistance.