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Cookies are used by almost all websites. In some cases, cookies are the only way to make a website function as intended.

A cookie is a file which is stored on your computer, tablet or cell phone. It contains a randomly generated ID which makes it possible to recognize your device and collect information about which pages and functions you visit on your browser. Cookies cannot identify who you are, what your name is or where you live. Moreover, they cannot contain malicious programs or viruses.

You can reject cookies at any time by changing your browser settings on your device. However, if you reject all cookies, it may result in the loss of certain functions and services on the website.

How to delete cookies depends on the browser and device you are using but it can typically be done through Settings in your browser. If you use more than one browser, remember to delete cookies in all of them.

In addition to necessary cookies, if we get your consent, we can store functional and statistical cookies.

We use functional cookies to collect information about your preferred settings and choices on the website in order to adjust the website to your needs and interests.

Statistical cookies are used to collect statistics about your behavior on the website to understand what our users are asking for and how we can design the website in the best possible way.

You can see which services that set cookies and for which purposes under the different categories in the “Cookie declaration” in the cookie banner. If you have indicated your choice of cookies, you can get the banner displayed again by clicking on the small icon in the lower left corner.

You can read more about cookies at the Agency for Digital Government (

In our privacy policy, you can read more about who we are, how to contact us and how we process your personal data.

The duration of a cookie is calculated from your most recent visit of the website but it varies for how long a cookie is stored on your devices and browsers. A cookie is automatically deleted when it expires.

You can see the duration of our cookies by clicking on “Show details” and choose the relevant category of cookies in the cookie banner.