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Consumer rights when travelling by air

Read more about your rights as a flight passenger. Find out whether you are eligible for reimbursement or compensation if for instance your flight is cancelled or your luggage delayed.

  • Cancelled flight

    Know your rights and compensation options etc. if an airline cancels your flight. Get assistance lodging a complaint if your claim is rejected.

    Cancelled flight

  • Delayed flight

    Know your rights and options for meals, hotel stays, compensation etc. if your flight is delayed. Get assistance lodging a complaint if your claim is rejected.

    Delayed flight

  • Lost or damaged luggage

    The airline is responsible if your luggage has been lost, delayed or damaged during a flight. Read more about your options if your claim for compensation is rejected,

    Lost or damaged luggage

  • Bankrupt travel provider

    You can read what you can do below if you have booked an international flight and the airline goes bankrupt.

    Bankrupt travel provider

  • Denied boarding

    You have additional rights and options if the airline refuses to give you a seat on the plane.

    Denied boarding

How to complain

Read more about your complaint options if you have a problem with a seller or trader in another EU-country, Iceland or Norway.
Guidance on complaint options

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