Press release: New information campaign to help consumers in Denmark shop securely online

Most e-commerce goes smoothly, but sometimes consumers encounter problems. The Danish government has launched an ongoing information campaign entitled “Nethandel #heltsikkert”. 12 authorities and public institutions are behind the campaign, including the ECC Denmark, which is the European Commission’s Consumer Centre in the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority.

The information campaign will, among other things, help consumers in Denmark to avoid fraud, counterfeit goods and dangerous products. At the ECC Denmark (European Consumer Centre Denmark), which helps consumers with complaints against traders in the EU, Norway and Iceland, complaints largely concern subscription traps, unwanted mail, fake websites and counterfeit goods.

On “Nethandel #heltsikkert”, the authorities have compiled their good advice for shopping securely online. As part of the information campaign, the authorities will release consumer information about secure e-commerce regularly.

The information campaign is part of one of the initiatives that will ensure consumers in Denmark easy and secure e-commerce in the government’s consumer policy strategy “Consumers in a digital world.”

Who’s behind it?

12 authorities and public institutions are behind “Nethandel #heltsikkert”: The Danish Crime Prevention Council, Danish Agency for Digitisation, the ECC Denmark, Danish Consumer Ombudsman, Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, Danish Competition and Consumer Authority, Danish Medicines Agency, Danish Patent and Trademark Office, Danish National Police, Danish Safety Technology Authority, Danish Customs Agency and Danish Tax Agency.

“Nethandel #heltsikkert” can be found on which is the focal point for public consumer information. The Danish Competition and Consumer Authority is behind the website.

Read the press release from the Minister for Industry, Business and Financial Affairs (in Danish).

Find the good advice on “Nethandel #heltsikkert (in Danish)”

For further information, please contact Ditte Juul Reder, Press Officer at the European Consumer Centre Denmark on +45 41 71 50 75 or Hanne Arentoft, Head of Communications at the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority on +45 41 71 50 98.